Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chinese Silk RM98

Code : CS 001
Flower Power
Size M

Code : CS 002
African Inspired
Size S

Code : CS 003
Zig Zag
Size S

All RM98 include delivery!
SMS 0126048012

Mumbai Crepe RM78

Code MC 001
Size M
Kain belah depan

MC 002
Size L
Kain kipas susun tepi

MC 003
Size M
Kain belah depan

MC 004
Size S
Kain kipas susun tepi

Crepe - soft and silky material. No need ironing.

SMS for orders : 0126048012

Sarawak's songket inspired RM88

Code : Inspirasi Songket Sarawak 001 (Tangerine Gold)
Size : S
Kain susun tepi

Code : Inspirasi Sarawak 002 (Red)
Size : L
Kain Belah Depan

Code : Inspirasi Songket Sarawak 003 (Blue Silver)
Size : M (its more M to L )
Kain kipas susun tepi

Viscose Cotton RM88

Viscose Cotton
Size : M ( Bidang bahu : 16.5")
*its more of M to L
Kain belah depan